About Us



Mr. Sunil A. Vijan, the Founder, started his design journey with the inception of ‘Creative Kitchens’, a brand that believes Modular is the Future in the design industry. He started Creative Kitchens 16 years back, striving to make  luxury wonders in peoples homes by promoting modular kitchens to the Indian lifestyle.



We believe in the sanctity of the Kitchen. At CREATIVE KITCHENS, we make sure your kitchens are a focal point of efficiency and excellence. We elevate functionality and aesthetics, while still emphasizing on ergonomics and utility, balancing modernity with your comfort of easy movement and convenient cooking – while evoking an enduring statement about your taste.



We at CREATIVE KITCHENS design kitchens exclusively for our clients. With our indispensable and talented designers, installation experts each design is tailored to the lifestyle and personal liking of the client, resulting in exceptional kitchens that are not only functional but truly beautiful.



With extensive experience in this industry, our main goal is to offer services and focus on customer and client satisfaction throughout each part of the process. And with such expertise Creative Kitchens has worked with prestigious clients including Architects, Interior Designers, Multi-national Corporations, Bollywood Personalities, Doctors and many more.